I am happy to consult with you by phone to determine if Soul Sessions are a good fit for where you are now. Soul Sessions were created to be a safe and supportive place for women to dig into their stories, do some internal and external processing and begin the journey of holding on to what is working and letting go of what is not. Soul Sessions are all about living life on purpose. When you are able to own your part in your story, lean into growth, abandon judgement and love and accept yourself for who you are, everything begins to change.

How do I know if Soul Sessions are for me? 

Wilmington Thrive Tribes is located at 3828 Oleander Drive at In Balance Pilates Studio and HeartSong Yoga. 

Where is your office?

Soul Sessions generally involve some type of homework aimed at helping you reach your goals. The homework is intentional and individualized to help ensure that you get the most out of your sessions. Homework can include insight based assessments, journaling, self-care, setting boundaries, asking for what you need, reading, moving, getting out your comfort zone, etc. Ultimately we are partnering together to set you up for success so that you have something to celebrate at every session.

What happens between sessions?

I get that! Let me try one more time….Soul Sessions are ultimately about self-care. No bubble baths, bonbons or luxurious spa retreats. Sometimes self-care feels great but when we are in the midst of growth and change, self-care can feel pretty terrible and that very well may mean it is working. The most important and effective self-care I have engaged in challenged my emotional, spiritual, behavioral and cognitive habits. If you follow me on social media, I talk a lot about not outsourcing self-care and not buying into expensive services because I strongly believe that true self-care is an internal process that cannot be bought. Too many of us have internalized the idea that if we “fix” ourselves on the outside than we will feel better on the inside. Talk about an old, tired and fake story! Soul Sessions are all about braving the inside work. I would not be where I am today without a guide to help me remain accountable to myself and stretch me beyond the limiting beliefs and stories I had set up in my mind that led me into crippling burnout over and over again. Sometimes we benefit from having a neutral guide that can hold space for us and remind us of our worthiness, who we are and what we are after. We won’t need them forever but in the midst of challenges or transitions Soul Sessions can be a tremendous gift.

i still don't get it?

This is a great question and one that comes up frequently. While I have practiced as a LCSW and have immense experience as a therapist, Soul Sessions are not therapy and I do not utilize my license in this service. Soul Sessions provide creative opportunities to help you discover your own wisdom, be your own expert and are designed to help guide you back to yourself. They are intended to help you create movement in your Iife or career by focusing on what is right and moving past the barriers that are creating a lack of movement in your life. Soul Sessions are not aimed at giving advice or “fixing” anything. Soul Sessions are about self-acceptance, self-love and learning to live as congruently as possible on purpose. Soul Sessions are not a replacement for mental health services, substance abuse treatment or other addictions. Referrals will be made as appropriate to help ensure that clients receive the quality help they need should concerns arise. Soul Sessions are confidential unless information is shared that compromises safety. All laws related to mandated reporting will be followed. Soul Sessions do not include diagnosis or treatment and are not billable to insurance companies.

How are Soul Sessions different than therapy?


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