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i'm lisa

Goosebump chasing, bubblebath loving, sunset gazing, boy mom and connoisseur of anything that sparkles.

I am crazy about transformation and helping you unlearn all the things that are holding you back from living your life on purpose and in truth to your design. It has taken me a long time and a lot of practice to step out of the shadows and live more intentionally. Navigating the unfamiliar, messy and rebellious road to self-acceptance and self-compassion can be tough and I am here to walk beside, challenge, and encourage you like crazy. There is nothing perfect about me or my journey but because I have lived this story, I know it is possible. I also know that you are unbelievably worth it.

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This is the kind of community I was seeking when I found myself struggling with professional burnout and a loss of identity. I have always benefited from therapy but what I wanted was a guide that would encourage, challenge, help me dig deeper into my limiting beliefs and habits and offer accountability. I also thought it would be amazing if there was a community of women willing to work together to share their stories, tell the truth, collaborate and inspire one another to shine, shine, shine no matter what. And that’s the inspiration for Wilmington Thrive Tribes.

So you are absolutely in the right place if you are looking to make a change, are feeling stuck, are ready to level up or need to quiet the external noise in your life and tune into yourself. I am the first person to tell you that change is an ongoing process that requires work, patience and a willingness to challenge your old status. I don’t have your answers...only you do. But I am here to guide you to them. There are no quick fixes and while I do have a magic wand in my purse at all times, it only works to guide me to my truth. Doing your work won’t always be comfortable but it will always be worth it. Brave the change!

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This is my dream project. A place where women can come to be encouraged, challenged, self-reflect and most of all grow.

Soul Sessions provide the space and time for you to look within, dig deep, tune into your own needs, tackle big questions, increase self-awareness and enhance your relationship with yourself and others. This work is curated specifically to meet you where you are by engaging your values, personality and goals into the experience. Soul Sessions guide you back to your inner wisdom and strength and celebrate your unique story while exploring new possibilities and perspectives.

1:1 soul sessions

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Soul Connections are women’s groups designed to connect your mind, body and spirit. Each Soul Connection group is specifically designed to increase self-awareness, clarity, growth and change. Sometimes you just need to shake things up and try something new. Soul Connections allow you the opportunity to grow in community with other inspiring and supportive women and best of all, realize that you are not alone. Topics can include everything from communication, boundaries and real self-care practices to relationships, self-compassion and burnout recovery.

soul connection workshops

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I have been speaking, educating and telling stories for as long as I can remember. I love engaging audiences, sharing my story and encouraging people to embrace their best selves, increase self-awareness, breakthrough barriers and live their lives completely on purpose.


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They're meaningful, change oriented conversations with no “expert” advice or interventions. They are designed to guide you to a connection with your truest self, shut out comparison and usher in radical self-acceptance. Soul Sessions are not therapy. There is no diagnosis or treatment and sessions are not reimbursable by insurance companies. While Soul Sessions represent a professional service incorporating my extensive experience as a helping professional they are not a substitute for mental health treatment, counseling, substance abuse treatment, addictions, recovery from past trauma, medical advice, financial assistance, legal counsel, etc.

1:1 soul sessions

Soul Sessions are a fantastic opportunity for you to clear the noise of self-doubt and fear, hear your voice and gain clarity about what you want to see happen in your life.

Soul Sessions are for you if…

You're tired of the competitive, chaotic and comparative culture we live in and are looking to make lifestyle changes that are aligned with your values and the vision you have for your life. You want to feel seen, heard and acknowledged and want someone who believes in you, can hold space for you and has the desire to help you maintain accountability in a way that is empowering, congruent and energizing. Soul sessions help you remember that you are incomparable, worthy and that you are the only person responsible for living your unique life.

You're burned out professionally or personally. Burnout can happen to all of us and can be extraordinarily challenging to navigate as it can bring with it a loss of identity, connection, energy and purpose. Friends, family and colleagues are often too close to provide the support necessary. Soul Sessions guide you back to your knowing as you seek to explore and process, consider what’s next and establish new goals, boundaries and habits for moving forward. 

You've experienced a huge transition or shift in your life and it’s time to find your groove again. You are seeking clarity and confidence while adjusting to a “new normal” and you want to reconnect to your inner resources, let go of negative beliefs, break free from old patterns and magnify your love for yourself. Soul sessions help you move past hidden blocks, old rules, fears and self-sabotaging behaviors so that you can move forward at a pace that is right for you.

You want to create momentum in your life and move forward with a dream, goal, project or business and need space to flex your creativity muscles and establish accountability. Soul sessions help you navigate and design your own path and take the necessary steps to manifest your vision.

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$135 for 90 minutes  /  $85 for 60 minutes
$350 Package of one 90 minute session and three 1 hour sessions

Soul Connection workshops

group Soul Connections

Soul Connection groups are a collaborative, empowering and inspiring way to start dismantling some of those pesky thoughts, beliefs and rules that have been holding you back and start taking steps towards your best self.

These groups are full of real talk, vulnerability, laughter and solidarity. Best of all, they are so good for your soul.

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Community Soul Connections

This is one of my favorites! Carrie Pages of In Balance Pilates Studio and I joined forces to create a workshop experience that incorporates movement, music and radical self-care. These workshops are set to music and are fun, energizing and always include a “Soul Shimmy” at the end.

Best of all, each Community Soul Connection is “Pay-What-You-Can” and 100% of proceeds go to provide a self-care workshop to the staff of a local charity. As a person who worked in the trenches of social work practice for over 20 years, I am incredibly passionate about taking care of the people that work on the front lines and use their lives to invest in others.

We know that when we take care of people they in turn take better care of others. Join us for this one of a kind experience that allows you to invest in yourself and someone else. You are going to love it!

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Workshops are scheduled monthly and dates and times can be found on our Facebook Page and will be announced in our monthly newsletter. 


I have been speaking professionally, training and running workshops for the majority of my career.

Here are a few of my recent speaking topics and keynotes. I am also available to create content specifically aimed at your audience no matter how big or small. 


From Burnout to Breakthrough: A Love Story

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Boundaries Are the New Black

your own journey home

Don’t You Forget About Me

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Two years ago I made what felt like the impossible choice to leave my career as a Clinical Social Worker and Forensic Interviewer. I had spent almost 20 years treating children and families who were affected by abuse, neglect, trauma and grief and while it was the most rewarding work imaginable I completely lost myself inside of it. I was considered an “expert” in my community and I got a lot of significance and security from my work but I also paid a high price. In the end, I had to make a choice and I chose me. This felt like the most selfish decision of my life but it turned out to be the most rewarding as it has led to increased self-awareness, self-compassion and a passion for helping others brave their own breakthroughs.

From Burnout to Breakthrough: A Love Story

The most important client you will ever have on your caseload is you.


The journey from old status quo to new status quo is never easy and it is not supposed to be. 

Our identities are much bigger than our titles, accomplishments, successes and failures.

Our identities are much bigger than our titles, accomplishments, successes and failures.

Self-sovereignty gives you control of your story.

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Boundaries are one of the most challenging obstacles we face in our personal and professional lives. Learning to set and adhering to our own boundaries is a wonderful way to preserve our energy and practice self-care. Setting boundaries tends to bring up a great deal of emotion and most people find it so challenging that they ignore the practice all together and live with frustration, disappointment and struggle to act on their own behalf. This “talk” weaves personal stories with fundamental truths about the power of self-sovereignty, rebellious self-acceptance and the importance of investing in ourselves.


Recognize the inner dialogue that makes boundaries so challenging to set and maintain


Begin the process of dismantling strongly held beliefs about why we tend to label boundaries as “selfish” and placate people and situations rather than respond congruently.

Define taligned with our values is an invaluable self-care technique.

Learn tactical strategies to set personal and professional boundaries and be able to sit with the related discomfort.

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Set to the beloved story, The Wizard of Oz and incorporating family therapist, Virginia Satir’s “self-esteem toolkit” Lisa weaves her personal experiences and storytelling to take you on your own journey “home”. This talk incorporates rich metaphors and fun props to create an unforgettable experience that resonates with audiences everywhere. 


We all brave storms in our lives and the journey through them is paved with obstacles, challenges, fear, surprises and so much opportunity.


We have multiple resources and self-care tools within us that are always available to help us find our way.

A tribe of imperfect, authentic and vulnerable people are great sources of inspiration, encouragement and incredible traveling partners.

Outsourcing our power is a barrier to growth, especially when we discover that we have had the power all along…we just had to believe it for ourselves.

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Lisa Brooks, LCSW and Ashley Swinson, LCSW collaborate to bring this wellness program designed for healthcare professionals who are experiencing workplace frustrations, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, or burnout, likely driven by at-risk clinical/medical populations, high performance demands, or toxic work cultures. Service providers such as mental health therapists, nurses, first responders, social workers, and others are encouraged to attend. Through the use of psychoeducation, experiential learning, and speaker testimonials, participants will leave with increased self-awareness, a rejuvenated perspective, motivation for applicable change, and new ideas for deeper self-care practices. This program is versatile and flexible, in that it can be customized to respective audiences. The presenters are willing and eager to offer seminars, workshop intensives, focus groups, etc. in the hopes of joining the community to cultivate health and wellness.

Don’t You Forget About Me

Increase one’s understanding and self-awareness of vicarious traumatization, compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, and burnout. 


Explore one’s relationship between self-awareness and self care, and how this promotes increased job satisfaction and overall wellness. 

Greater understand boundary-setting (physical, emotional, mental) and its role in reducing burnout. 

Identify and incorporate personal values into the professional setting to enhance job satisfaction and reduce burnout. 

Explore self-compassion and its role in daily self-care practices and work routines. 

Identify symptoms of a toxic work culture and understand the importance of contributing to a positive work environment with intention.

Explore the role of management and how agencies can leverage compassion and self-care practices for employees to enhance job satisfaction, promote healthy and safe work environments, improve community perceptions, and serve clients more effectively. 

Recognize that one is just as important and deserving of the care we give our clients.

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